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Hey, thanks for looking us up for helping you with your video and live stream needs!

Tucker Productions is here to help you get the best in exposure by using video to present you to your audience.
We use the latest video live stream technology and have innovative systems in place to make sure that everything runs smoothly.
We have a fully equipped mobile studio, which can setup and work within your event or workspace, depending on what suits you best.

This could be a single video camera operator, or a full multi-camera video live stream on site. There are other abilities of the equipment we use, including bringing in remote guests for live video interviews and pre-recorded video for a live stream event.

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In past events, Tucker Productions has found that the interaction between participants online and in an audience is truly amazing to watch. The combination works well to help portray your message.

We look forward to helping you in the future in meeting your needs.
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Michael Tucker

has been involved in businesses for over 30 years. Many have been with family ideas, even delivering newspapers after school for a newsagency round that his father had. Together they started a small timber re-cutting service just south of Adelaide in 1987 which grew and morphed into the successful business that still operates, based at Kuitpo and Monarto in South Australia.
He came to Brisbane in 1998 to help setup and
operate a branch business supplying Bunnings and other hardware stores. That business ran for over 4 years until a supplier agreement was changed in favour of a new supplier. He learnt many things about creating teams to work together, balancing budgets and a lot of travelling. He was servicing the retail outlets in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. 

After a period of driving trucks and associated duties, Michael came up with an idea while attending a networking meeting in 2010.
So many great stories, but only being heard by 40 people in the room?
How can he make those stories heard by others who aren’t in the room, but would love to
take part live while online?
A lot of investigating over time came up with a solution to be able to broadcast these ideas to a wider audience. A lot of trial and error testing and learning about different pieces of equipment has helped created what he has setup today.

The procedures required for a successful event have been worked out and tested.

  • Helping out friends with their videos, telling their stories.
  • Live contributor to US TV News Networks
  • Telling about startups and their ideas to disrupt the world.
  • Celebrating victories at awards nights.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions

He has met some great people along the way, many of them storytellers in their own right to learn and also teach different skills.